airline contact and terminal information

Please confirm the departure and arrival terminal and gate with the respective airline.

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AirlineContact NumberTerminal
Air Canada1-888-247-2262CTB
Concourse A
Air Canada Jazz1-888-247-2262CTB
Concourse A
AirTran Airways AirTran Airways1-800-247-8726CTB
Concourse B
American Airlines1-800-433-7300CTB
Concourse C/D
American Eagle1-800-433-7300CTB
Concourse C
Delta Airlines1-800-221-1212Delta Terminal/
Marine Air Terminal
Delta Connection1-800-221-1212Delta Terminal/
Marine Air Terminal
Frontier Airlines1-800-432-1359CTB B
Concourse A/B
Spirit Airlines 1-800-772-7117CTB
Concourse B
Southwest 1-800-435-9792CTB
Concourse B
United Airlines1-800-864-8331CTB
Concourse A/C
United Express1-800-864-8331CTB
Concourse A/C
US Airways1-800-428-4322 Terminal C
US Airways Shuttle1-800-428-4322Terminal C
WestJet1-855-937-8538Terminal C

More contact information for each airline operating out of Laguardia Airport can be found on their respective website.

For location of Airport Terminals for LGA Airportclick here.